You are from Venus and I am from Mercury. Part 1 (to be performed at strained shout)

People said you don’t trust Geminis 
I said “that’s stupid no-one trusts Geminis, not even me” (me being a gemini)
We are made from air and mercury (or poisonous wet gold…that’s silver not gold)

But given you’re from Venus you already know this
You’ve watched us fucking about, playing chickens with the sun

Don’t trust what we say!

But we still come padding through the ginger of your minds
Devoted until we’re not
Like a cat
Or a demon
Or two people pretending to be one

I had a dream once
You ended the world, riding two dogs (or wolves) across the moon
In a cloud

Somebody said that taurus don’t trust gemini
I said that’s ridiculous… said “we don’t trust you!”

I tried to sound less airy, more practical 
So I told you I was making an Alsatian stew
But when I read it back 
It sounded like I was making a stew from alsatians

Part 2 (to be performed 1 octave higher than Part 1)

You smell like sweetcorn to me!
Gypsy Gypsy sweetcorn, roasting with hot pencils!
Don’t brush your teeth till you’re sour…and I hate you

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