'Then he had to smile at himself. He was still a student at heart, a rebel against the powers that be. As a teacher, he was directly under the control of a government body and was often exasperated by ‘committee’ decisions, but he knew there were fair-minded men and women who really did care amongst the committee members, who fought hard to get the right decisions.
He’d heard many stories of individuals who had fought the government ban on free milk for kids, for instance. Of men and women, including teachers, who had all but lost thin: jobs because of their opposition.
No, it was no good becoming over-wrought with authority, for he knew too well that apathy existed on all levels. The gasman who neglected to fix a leaky pipe. The mechanic who failed to tighten a screw. The driver who drove at fifty miles an hour in the fog. The milkman who left one pint instead of two. It was a matter of degree.
Wasn’t that what Original Sin was supposed to be all about? 
We’re all to blame. He fell asleep.’

-From ‘The Rats’ by James Herbert

A History teacher once wrote
That I had the makings of a great historian 
All I needed now was the right ingredients 
Years later
I piddle about with words 
With the blinds drawn down 
In a Georgian terrace 
Not my own 
While a virus is here 
It’s death toll 
Sloping upwards
Oh yes
Trying to be so clever
I ask myself 
Can Historians cook gourmet meals? 
Oh dear
I clearly misunderstood 
The advice of my betters

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