In this strange and intangible time we have apart from one another...

'The New Normal' By Zuby Blue

'Tough Times' By Danny D Ford, Bergamo, Italy

 “In Your Face” by Leighton, Oxford

‘Losing It’ By Alice Averley, London

'Visible Touch'  By Hannah Mallaby, Newcastle Upon Tyne 
"I have created a series of work to represent the uncommonly thought of situation that a lot of people in romantic relationships are going through right now,  not being able to physically see or touch their significant other. 
It has came to my attention that I’ve not seen anyone talk about this in the art world yet during lockdown. The struggle of the unavailability of intimacy that you once had on tap. I bet it’s a big shock and massive radical change for a lot of people and it’s more than likely making relationships suffer, not knowing how long we’re going to be stuck in this limbo for. "

'Spring Cleaning' By Alice Averley, London

‘Helical Rising’ By Cai Nyahoe, Leeds

'Key Workers' By Niamh McBride, London 

'Internal Journeys' By Josephine Hicks, Liverpool

'Empathy in a Horse's Eye (out with the pink boots and in with a fresh heart)' By Calypo Spritz, Bristol

'Isoooo lation'  By Josephine Hicks, Liverpool

'Light in Dark Wave' By Louise Chavannes, Horam 

''The rainbow picture (I hope its ok)' By Laura, Nottingham

'Overgrown' By Laura Sheldon, Newcastle upon Tyne

'Covid19 - Day 1' By James W1illiam Cross, London

'Incredibles 2 (day 5 lockdown)' By Joanna, Malmesbury 

'Cuzco meadow in the mountains' By Lucia Sellars, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia

'Lockdown Dreams' by Danny D Ford, Bergamo, Italy

'Same sadness, different cover up' by Cassie Adams, Newcastle upon Tyne

Virus Identity (cops and politicians) by Illustre Feccia, London

Still got you - Calypo Spritz, Bristol

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