40 days on your own steam
Or that’s what they used to say.
In this age
More like 14
Times 24
Stuck in the draw
With community power off grid
for now.
Nothing but checkpoint lights
And stop signs saying you can’t turn right.
But all roads,
Lead to redemption. 

And cessation.
Yeah, we blazed em
One over the other
But watch for your mother
And your granddad in his 1920s glad rags 
Going mad max on the final lap.
Not possible
But who’s the oracle 
When the coughin piles up?
Not us
Not me
Not you
In the dust and the rubble.
Still I never shaved that stubble.
Been collecting dirt for a while now,
But its not like nothing we ever tried worked right?

I guess time’s arrow sorts its own flight,
In the end,
While we sit here 
On the tarmac,
Glassy eyed
Behind the blue tints,

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