Undressed from our uniforms
Separate from our identity
What once held us accountable
Is now shutdown
It's funny how quickly motivation
So much of ourselves 
Built on the things we do
I do this
Therefore I am that
But what am I without it?
If not this job who am I?
Whether good or bad
Heads want to venture 
We adapt to fill our spaces
In isolations fogged up screen
We see the same again and again
Four walls make bad company 
When lingering for too long 
The Shining highlights a maze outside 
In the bar below
The axe sits patiently drinking
Swinging from fridge to mirror
Looking into and back at what sustains us
We are changing
Towards unknown outcomes 
Fear grips the stomach 
like winter strips trees of their living 
Worrying watching breathing
Wrestling ourselves and situation
Wrapped up in reflection and sanitiser  
Maybe that's a good thing
Amongst all this compartmentalisation
Socialism gains many mercenaries 
Signalling we give out wings and jobs
To fly where most needed an
We'll weather this storm 
Wiser to where we went wrong
However indoctrinated 
People seemingly seem 
To see the pity in their squirrelled loo roll and our governments stifling economic action
I think thats a good thing amongst the catastrophic
Taking time to purposefully revaluate what matters
Turn the stone over
We don't need to be told or wait any longer
And didn't need to hold 10 thousand mangers meetings
I wonder when our doors repopen
How do we carry this momentum over
So what will
Really matter
If life 
God forbid
Deals you covid?
And what should matter to us
While our world is in lockdown? 
Where will we be after
The epicenter has moved past us

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