Love in the time of Corona
(following official advice)

It’s a testing time for affairs of the heart,
For those with new lovers, or living apart.
Do you meet outside, obeying the 2 metre rule?
And go for a walk, keeping your cool,
Or do you take the plunge into a shared household,
Moving in with your lover, will you be that bold?

Or stupid?
Just because Cupid’s arrow has hit.
It doesn’t mean that mischief maker gives a shit
About differing views of hygiene or sharing the chores.
Or whether you will find each other to be crashing bores?
Will you get on each others’ nerves and row,
Wishing you’d kept to separate households now?

But the need for intimacy may be strong,
And although it may not be morally wrong,
In the current climate it’s not allowed,
Not even holding hands in the street, showing off proud.
Will you have a secret meeting behind the bikeshed, 
or round by the Co-op bins,
For a kiss and a cuddle – and maybe other things!
Until the ‘social distancing’ police arrive and discover your sin.

Will it be worth the £60 fine
Or should you save yourself for another time?

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