Eleven minutes 
Fifteen seconds
Into the film 
The Mayor of Santa Rosalia 
Bald, fat and wearing 
Clearly not a man 
Of modest means 
Wants to pay a small visit 
To Professor Paul Evans 
Of the University of Toronto 
A noted Archaeologist
Surveying Ancient Greek ruins 
In Sicily 
The mayor 
Has a persistent cough 
And its disgusting 
The way he covers his mouth 
With his handkerchief 
Only to use it again 
To wipe the sweat 
Off his shiny forehead 
‘For Christ’s sake!’ 
I shout out loud 
‘You must stay home!’ 
You may only leave your home 
For very limited purposes only!
Haven’t you read 
The prime minister’s letter!
I urge him to stay home and save lives
He should have thrown away 
That handkerchief immediately!
I’m certain his hands aren’t clean 
But the mayor’s not listening!
The Canadian professor 
Asks for local collaborators 
For the upcoming dig 
But the mayor explains 
That the locals don’t like foreigners 
There’s this local saying 
‘The past stays dead!’ 
The dead must rest in peace!
But the Professor insists 
They are Archaeologists
Not Gravediggers 
The fools!
A virus is here 
To wipe us out!
Can’t they see the priest 
And the doctor 
‘In their long coats’ 
Running over the ruins!

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