Stop kissing me
don't you know there's a plague on?
a viral contagion
we can't share saliva
or other fluids either
there's a plague on
pull your scarf up
get your mask on
we can't French kiss
because France is quarantined
we can't fuck without something in between
like rubber or polythene
so stop kissing me
don't you know there's a plague on?
get dressed, get your kit on
don't laugh cos' I don't want spat on
pull up your scarf, get your hat on
we must return to the normal mask
of the safety of human unknowing
of who loves who back, of who has
genes of the kind you lack
of who can fill the hole in your soul
douse the fire of desire
stop kissing me
there's a plague on
we must each build walls and die apart
two broken halves of one broken heart
but oh so clean without the germs
don't carry my disease to your full terms
but die clean and pure in an empty room
with an empty heart and an empty womb
because life is the contagion
don't you know there's a plague on?
the earth is on fire and it tires
tires of us and all our disease
it needs deloused of us, it longs to freeze
be naked again in the galactic breeze
of gamma rays, photon and electron
stop kissing me because this is the end of days
and there's a plague on.

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