Today is tomorrow is yesterday is today
Slowly and quickly, time's meaning falls away
Yet out of habit I continue to keep track
An intentional reminder of what my days lack
Shelter in place but remain social they say
So I talk through a screen to connect from away
Glad to see the faces of those whom I adore
Though these interactions leave me wanting for more
I’m constantly missing that one intangible piece 
That thing that Facetime won’t allow me to reach
Hugs and physical closeness were never my bent
But now I miss the proximity they used to represent
Meditation and gratitude journals only fill so much time
Working is necessary but somehow feels out of line
I’d rather be holding the hands of my child
Explaining why all of his friends are exiled
From coming over for playdates to have fun
Mom, will there be a day when this is all done?
My heart breaks each time I tell him that I don’t know
As we sit looking out at the places we used to go
My body is wracked with a tension that never fades
I am discovering anxiety in all of its shades
Today is yesterday is tomorrow is today
Slowly and quickly, time’s meaning slips away

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