Travelling at a speed not determined by time nor space, we accelerated through the cosmos.
It was just us, how it should have been.

As I looked out of the window, I was greeted by a perpetual darkness, something that I couldn’t even imagine to exist. I turn my head to watch you as you lay asleep. Drifting away into another world while we paced through the one we were currently leaving. It’s been six years since we embarked on this journey but this was perceived as 12 down on Earth.

Not only have you grown in physical stature but you’re ageing. Frown lines have started to appear alongside a dense array of wrinkles, as intertwining strands of grey welcomed your face. These were aspects of your beauty that time managed to put his hands on, there were other aspects he wouldn’t dare touch I couldn’t allow it.

Like your decision to follow me on this journey despite your love for the place we called ‘home’. Like your decision to put your career on hold just so you can see the true nature of the stars that should have been in sight. Had I miscalculated this journey and rushed into an open plane of nothingness, no feasible outcome, just a void?

Your breathing pattern slowly changes as the altitude of the ship rises. I left your side to observe what was in sight and to my surprise for the first time in six years the darkness subsides. A fearsome but bold ray of light enters the ship from the rear panels and a serenity like no other almost takes my breath away. Outside, the brightest star lays awaiting the acknowledgement of somebody, something. Its radiance seemed to wake you up from your peaceful slumber.

And as I stared in awe of this star, you wrapped your arms around my shoulders and interlocked your hands around the beginning of my chest. I’ll never forget this day because I told you to look at how the stars shine just for you, almost as though it longed to share its seven wonders with someone who understood the depth of its mysteries. You replied with not one word but just a smile. You believed me and I trusted that you believed me. And at this moment I knew that the journey was worthwhile.

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